Shameless Self Promotion 101

I am a writer.  It is who I am.  It is what I do.  And I’m good at it.  Good enough to know that the previous sentence was in fact a fragment and not normally acceptable unless you’ve learned how to break the rules with a certain amount of style.

I’d like to write for you, and I hope you can utilize this site to see what I do and how I do it.  Within these pages you will find articles, book chapters, one off pieces, poetry, song lyrics, technical mumbo jumbo….anything I think I can add to demonstrate that I am diverse in my abilities, rich in my content, and most of all, good at what I do.

So take your time.  Look around. If you’re impressed, call me.  Let’s talk.  I can bring a lot to the table, and I’m ready to go to work today….

Billy D. Ritchie
900 Legacy Park Dr.
Apt. 218
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
(678) 860-4004