Men’s Ministry Church Promo

What do you think of when you think of “Men’s Ministry”? Kickboxing for Jesus? Sweaty “God’s Gym” T-shirts? Belching contests with the sacramental wine? A slightly Christianized version of the stereotypical, knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, 2nd-generation-to-walk-upright chauvinists with all the decorum and class of Fred and Barney at the Water Buffaloes lodge night?

No doubt. Men are unique animals. Not prone to “talk it out” or communicate in any meaningful way, they prefer to spend time alone in their ubiquitous “man cave”, working out their frustrations on hobbies or sports or hunting or one of the many splendored things that makes them men. No matter how much you might try to change them, clean them up, scrub them down, at the end of the day, they’re still men.

Of course things change when they get around other men. They open up, they talk, they become themselves, not always in the most flattering of ways. It’s a gender relationship that is almost therapeutic. Like it or not, there are some things men just do better with other men.

That’s where the concept of men’s ministry comes in. Even at church, men need to be around other men, not just to behave as they do, but to be able to talk to, confide in, pray with, and pray for.

Men need other men as confidants, brothers in arms, and encouragers in the faith. They need brothers who will cheer for them when life is good, and let them know that it is in fact okay for men to cry when the storms arise.

The men’s ministry in your local church is there, for the man in your life, the husband, father, or son, reaching out with open arms to let them be what God made them, and reminding them that they are uniquely and wonderfully made.

C’mon, be a man. Man up. Join your local men’s ministry and see what God has in store for you!

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